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Ultrasonic Immersion Systems

Trishula Inovation designs and produces a wide range of standard ultrasonic immersion, gantry and custom designed testing systems. These systems range from small-sized immersion tanks designed primarily for ultrasonic transducer characterization and testing – to fully automatic, robotic work cells employing ultrasonic immersion technology for automated testing in a high-volume production environment and other unique customer-specific applications


High velocity billet inspection:

  • 4 axis immersion Tank.
  • 240 rpm, 90 kg weight billet.

Immersion Tank for Tube inspection:

  • 10 m length
  • Multi-probes head
  • MUX 5 channels

This ultrasonic inspection system concept utilizes a high-speed Bar Rotator to provide quick 100 % surface ultrasonic coverage of pipe and tubular structures. Systems can be manufactured with various geometries (e.g. pipe diameter and length ranges) to suit a wide variety of inspection needs. Transducers can be selected as a function of inspection requirements, but primary applications are for thinning, delamination, cracking and porosity